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Providing comprehensive data science consulting and development services to assist you in exploring your data and uncovering valuable insights for improved performance.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Data: Our Expertise in Data Science Helps You Innovate and Lead

As a data science company with over 12 years of hands-on experience, we use state-of-the-art techniques and tools to convert various data collected from various sources into actionable insights.

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Statistical Methods

We use descriptive statistics, advanced time-series forecasting, and bayesian inference to establish connections between events and predict their outcomes.

Machine Learning

We use supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning to design data science solutions that can handle complex tasks with minimal human intervention and automate business processes.

Neural Networks

We train various types of neural networks such as convolutional, recurrent, generative adversarial networks to enable speech and image recognition, develop voice interfaces, recommendation engines and more.

Realizing the Potential of Data Science Across Various Applications

The possibilities for utilizing your data are virtually endless. The examples listed Our data science consultants can assist you in addressing any business challenge, including determining optimal inventory levels, understanding customer behavior, providing personalized recommendations, and detecting financial fraud. below are just a small sample of what can be achieved.

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Customer analytics and personalization

Achieving accurate segmentation, predicting customer churn and lifetime value, and experiencing the many benefits of data science for business.

Risk Management

Accurately identifying risk factors and developing appropriate risk prevention and mitigation strategies.

Recommendation Systems

Uncovering your customers' true interests and desires and providing tailored offers to meet them.

Predictive Maintenance

Prolonging equipment life, reducing maintenance costs, and eliminating downtimes through regular checkups.

Competitive Intelligence

Identifying business gaps and developing effective business strategies based on comprehensive competition analysis.

Quality Management

Utilize algorithms to eliminate quality problems and implement quality control with unparalleled precision.

Price and Demand Forecasting

Anticipate fluctuations in demand and adapt inventory levels and pricing plans accordingly.

Operational Intelligence

Optimize business efficiency through quicker processes and automation of manual tasks.
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Expertise in data science consulting and engineering for any industry

Leveraging a decade of experience in data science consulting and in-depth understanding of industry-specific operations to deliver customized solutions that align with your unique requirements.

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Healthcare & Biotech

Data science expertise in medical imaging, genetics, research, and patient-provider communication.

Retail & Ecommerce

Building recommendation systems, targeted advertising, demand forecasting, customer behavior analysis, sentiment analysis, and fraud prevention.


Specializing in fraud detection, risk analytics, managing customer data, personalization, and algorithmic trading.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Expertise in optimizing delivery costs, creating efficient delivery routes, forecasting demand, managing inventory intelligently, and predicting maintenance needs.

Education & Elearning

Specializing in analyzing LMS content, personalizing educational programs, monitoring student progress in depth, and providing help desk solutions.

Our expertise in data science consulting and engineering

Offering comprehensive data science services, including consulting, development of custom data science applications, and customization of data science as a service software, to enhance your business with the latest technology.

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Initial consulting

We thoroughly analyze your challenges, uncover potential business opportunities, and create a clear development plan.

Data acquisition and preparation

We consolidate data from various sources and make it ready for analysis.

Algorithm selection

We select the most appropriate method of analysis to ensure accurate results.

Solution development

We train and validate models and neural networks, integrating them into a personalized data science solution.

Maintenance and optimization

We track and evaluate the accuracy and performance of the data science solution, continually enhancing it.

Why work with Angstrom Application?


As a data science consulting and development company that is not tied to any specific provider, we only suggest technologies and data science services that we believe are the best fit for you.

Top talent with niche skills

With a team of 350 experts, we can provide top-notch data scientists, senior analysts, elite developers, and a dedicated R&D department to ensure exceptional talent.

Diverse expertise

With over 12 years of experience and hundreds of completed projects across multiple industries, including ecommerce, fintech, healthcare, and real estate, we have a proven track record of success.

Proven track record

Our team has successfully completed over 600 projects and has served more than 200 clients globally.

Our clients

We worked and still work with top of the tier fortune 500 companies

Angstrom Leads the Way in AI and Data Science Solutions

Angstrom excels in AI and data science, revolutionizing industries with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.