Seamless Data Migration, Secure and Efficient Data Transitions

Data migration can be a stressful process, but with our data migration consulting services, we make it as seamless as possible.

Complete Data Migration Support with Our Consulting Services

Experienced in data migration, we tackle challenges like schema, complexity, cloud migration, and system upgrades without data loss or downtime. Our data migration consulting services include:

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Pre-migration planning

Assessing data landscape, establishing standards, selecting migration method, creating detailed plan, estimating effort and cost.

Data inspection

Analyzing data for quality, duplicates, missing values, anomalies, and developing risk management strategy.

Migration design

Identifying extraction, cleaning, enrichment methods, data mapping rules, and validation processes. Developing software logic, testing, and addressing issues.

Execution and testing

Creating backups, implementing migration with ETL tools, testing, and reconciliation checks to ensure data integrity.

Application modernization

Modernizing legacy code to enhance performance, scalability, and cost efficiency for seamless platform transition.

Data analytics & discovery

Empower your new system with advanced data capabilities for added value.

Expertise in All Forms of Data Migration

Leave your data migration to our experienced team for a successful transformation journey.

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Storage migration

Upgrade your data storage system for improved speed and scalability with our data migration services.

Application migration

Efficiently upgrade your software to a more advanced setting with our seamless migration plan.

Data migration

Seamlessly transfer data with security and consistency using our proven methods.

Business process migration

Move critical business applications and databases with our expert data migration consultants.

What Are the Benefits of Using Angstrom's Application Data Migration Consulting Services?


Seamlessly and efficiently migrating any data from any platform, whether custom, legacy, or vendor-locked-in.

Data integrity

Guaranteeing data integrity by validating data before, during, and after migration and providing a comprehensive audit trail.

Process automation

Automating the migration process wherever possible to achieve rapid, easy, and scalable transition.

Phased approach

Achieving superior outcomes through incremental migration, which allows for adjustments to the process and monitoring of progress.

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