Personalized Education, Intelligent Assessments, and Seamless Student Support

Leverage our AI education expertise to revolutionize the student and educator experience with a focus on ethics and positive outcomes.

A Reliable AI Education Companion for You

Our AI team creates customized solutions for education and corporate training to maximize the benefits of AI technologies.

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Intelligent tutoring

Intelligent tutoring systems engage students, provide instant feedback, accessible anytime and anywhere, improving learning outcomes.

Learning aids

Enhance education with AI tools, smart companions, writing evaluation, course recommendations, and learning environments.

Teacher support

Personalize learning with AI test generation and scoring, writing evaluation, content recommendation, and plagiarism detection.

Smart workflows

AI mining tools optimize school software, analyze data, and boost efficiency, providing valuable insights.

Maximizing Your Potential with Our AI Solutions for Education

Maximize data & AI potential with our privacy-focused solutions. Streamlined integration, bias elimination, and strong collaboration for successful adoption.

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Education personalization

AI improves learning by assessing, customizing study schedules, identifying knowledge gaps, and engaging students.

Task automation

Efficiently streamline admin tasks with AI expertise in education. Let AI handle routine tasks.

Inclusive education

AI expands education access for disabled students with real-time subtitles or audio narration.

Intelligent content

Create a personalized AI platform for lesson content, digital textbooks, and interactive learning with advanced visualization.


AI-powered chatbots & virtual assistants streamline communication for teachers, parents, and students with personalized support

Safety and security

Secure Educational Institutions with AI and IoT: Facial Recognition, Wearables, Vital Sign Monitoring.

Serving All Your Educational Requirements

As a company with a dedicated AI expert team, we design AI solutions for clients in K-12, higher education, and corporate training sectors, helping them achieve cost-effectiveness and revolutionize education with exceptional learning outcomes

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AI solutions streamline K-12 workflows and enhance learning experience, engaging students.

Colleges and universities

Partner with Angstrom to Embrace AI for Remote Education Success.

EdTech startups

Skills gap? Let us help! Custom kits, low-code/no-code tools, chatbots, teleconferencing, and e-learning.

Corporate entities

Bias-free AI training for HR; data-driven insights; address gaps with interventions.

AI development tech stack


Our clients

We worked and still work with top of the tier fortune 500 companies

Angstrom Leads the Way in AI and Data Science Solutions

Angstrom excels in AI and data science, revolutionizing industries with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.