Expert UI/UX Design Services for Your Business

Angstrom Application provides a comprehensive range of UI/UX design services that can transform ordinary mobile apps, websites, dashboards, and cyber-physical systems into innovative tech solutions that impress users and yield significant business results.

Standout UI/UX Design Services: How We Set Ourselves Apart

Regardless of whether you're an enterprise in the midst of a digital transformation or a SaaS startup gearing up to introduce a new product, there are compelling reasons for you to collaborate with our UI/UX design company. Here is what we can do to help you convey your brand's narrative, differentiate it from the competition, and establish a lasting connection with your clients:

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User Research

Human-centered design, user research, requirements definition, competitor benchmarking, and prototyping for exceptional UI/UX design services.


Iterative high-fidelity prototyping ensures customer-centric UI/UX design that meets your needs and exceeds expectations.

UX Design

We create user-centric journey maps, flows, and design guidelines for seamless and engaging experiences.

UI design

Our comprehensive UI design services cover typography, color schemes, layouts, UI elements, and custom imagery, ensuring seamless collaboration with our engineers.

UI/UX audit and consulting

At Angstrom Application, our UI/UX audit and consulting services optimize customer acquisition and retention strategies through usability audits, buyer journey analysis, and A/B testing.

Usability testing

We offer usability testing services to help clients learn how their target customers will navigate their apps in real life. These insights can eliminate unnecessary steps in the customer journey, allowing users to perform actions faster.

Excellence in UI/UX Design: Our Company's Key Strengths

At our company, we prioritize simplicity in the user interface and user experience design of our software solutions, even if the underlying technology is complex. We believe that consistency, responsiveness, and usability are essential aspects of every product we create.

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Enterprise software

Enhancing UI/UX for enterprise solutions, boosting productivity and user-friendliness.

Mobile Apps

Empowering mobile app experiences with seamless UI/UX design solutions.

Web Apps

Creating high-conversion, responsive web designs for optimal user experiences.


Expert UI/UX company specializing in advanced data visualization for self-service BI and analytics tools.

Immersive tech solutions

Cutting-edge UI/UX design company specializing in augmented reality, immersive sounds, and metaverse experiences.

Embedded interfaces

Seamless UI/UX services for IoT and AI embedded solutions, including HMIs, VUIs, and cross-device interactions.

Our UI/UX Design Process: Delivering Exceptional Services

At Angstrom Application Group, we're a full-stack software engineering company. Our approach allows our UI/UX designers to focus on what they do best, without the need to wear multiple hats on a project. Instead, they collaborate with skilled business analysts, front-end developers, manual and automation testing specialists, and software architects to deliver best-in-class UI/UX design and development services.

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We take a deep dive into each project to better understand your business, processes, and objectives. Our goal is to come up with viable UI/UX concepts that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.



Our approach involves developing prototypes tailored to specific customer personas, collecting feedback from stakeholders, analyzing typical user behavior patterns, and adjusting our initial assumptions accordingly.



Our process involves taking prototypes and transforming them into fully functional application interfaces that are optimized for all platforms and devices. Our interfaces effectively communicate your brand message and optimize workflows.



We detect and resolve any issues and discrepancies in UI/UX design and then proceed to validate the solution by testing it with real users. This can be accomplished through traditional user testing or by launching a beta version of the product.



We fine-tune application interfaces and navigation logic based on feedback from users and then conduct additional rounds of testing. This iterative process continues until we deliver a tech product that effectively meets your business objectives.

Discover the Benefits of Partnering with Our UI/UX Design Company

Mature UI/UX design specialists

When you engage our UI/UX designers at Angstrom Application, you gain access to a team with the appropriate combination of technical and creative skills, recognized certifications, a robust toolset, and boundless imagination.

Focus on customer needs

At our UI/UX design company, we strongly believe in user-centered design, and we integrate its fundamental principles into every project we undertake. Regardless of your clients' identity or objectives, our team will brainstorm and craft precisely what you require.

Proven track record of UI/UX projects

At our UI/UX design and development firm, we have extensive experience in our field - and we have a robust portfolio to demonstrate our abilities. While you're here, feel free to take a look at our Dribble page as well.

Business background

Our UI/UX services are available to organizations across a range of industries, such as healthcare, retail, education, and logistics. Our team possesses a comprehensive understanding of the challenges your company might encounter and is adept at addressing them from a user experience perspective.

Our clients

We worked and still work with top of the tier fortune 500 companies

Angstrom Leads the Way in AI and Data Science Solutions

Angstrom excels in AI and data science, revolutionizing industries with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.