Professional Web Application Testing Services

Accelerate your web app development and attract more users with our comprehensive range of web application testing services. Our expertise enables us to deliver quality web applications at a faster speed.

Full-Spectrum End-to-End Web Application Testing

We offer a reliable and hassle-free web application that is comprehensively tested to meet your specific requirements and business goals. Our team of web application testers are highly skilled and experienced in conducting various types of testing in various environments and throughout different phases of the web application development process.

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Functional testing

We conduct extensive testing on every aspect of your web application, including links within web pages, database connections, and cookies, to ensure that it operates as intended.

Performance testing

Web application performance testing typically encompasses load and stress testing, as well as evaluating performance across various internet connection speeds. Our team conducts these tests to ensure that your web application can handle high traffic and perform optimally under demanding conditions.

End-to-end testing

Our comprehensive web application testing services involve validating the application's business logic from start to finish, using production-like conditions. This approach ensures that the application is thoroughly tested and ready to perform optimally in the live production environment.

Compatibility testing

We conduct compatibility tests to ensure that your web application functions correctly on all popular browsers, operating systems, and devices, including laptops and mobile phones. Our testing process guarantees that your web application is accessible to all users and performs seamlessly across various platforms.

Security testing

End-to-end web application security testing is crucial, particularly for websites and web applications that store sensitive information. Our security testing services not only detect viruses but also verify compliance with security standards. This testing process is vital for ensuring the safety and privacy of your user's data and protecting your web application from potential security threats.

Usability testing and UX audit

Our website usability testing services help to evaluate whether your web application is user-friendly and has a visually appealing interface to provide an optimal user experience. This testing process uncovers any areas of your web application that may be difficult to navigate, leading to improvements that enhance user satisfaction and engagement.

Agile Web Application Testing for Any Development Environment

We provide accurate and timely test results for web applications ranging from simple websites to complex solutions, whether they are still in development or have already been completed. Our extensive experience in providing web application testing services for over a decade ensures that you can trust us to deliver comprehensive testing solutions that cover all aspects of your application.

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Simple websites

For static websites that display the same content, GUI testing is a must. Our website testing services evaluate key UI elements, such as forms, buttons, and links, as well as the website backend for security, compatibility, and performance. Our testing process ensures your website functions correctly, provides an optimal user experience, and delivers intended functionality.

Complex web applications

Dynamic web applications, like SaaS platforms and social networking sites, require functional testing as a top priority. After functional testing, we conduct GUI testing to ensure that the web application meets UI design requirements. Our testing process remains vigilant for potential issues, such as security, compatibility, and performance.

Ecommerce platforms

Online stores, as dynamic web applications, require comprehensive testing to ensure that all aspects of the site are functioning correctly. We conduct thorough testing to verify that everything, from shopping cart updates and product variations to payment gateways and email generation, works as intended.

Mobile websites

Mobile websites built with HTML pages undergo testing using emulators or real devices. We conduct thorough testing of key parameters, such as performance, GUI, usability, page scrolling, and navigation to ensure that the mobile website functions optimally and provides an excellent user experience.

In-Depth Web Testing Life Cycle for Successful Launch and Beyond.

We have the expertise and experience to handle the entire web application testing process for projects of all sizes. We use established testing strategies and processes that ensure comprehensive testing and timely delivery of results. We've successfully completed numerous projects in the past, and we're confident we can help you achieve the same success.

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Test strategy design

We work with you to establish the requirements, test coverage, techniques, and resources needed for your project. Once these are determined, we can create a schedule for the project.

Test cases development

During the second step of the process, we create comprehensive test cases and test suites that cover all the required test scenarios.

Test execution

As our web testers run the tests, they compile detailed lists of defects, which are used for reporting and updating the test cases.

Results reporting

Upon completion of the testing process, our team delivers an actionable report that provides an overview of the testing deliverables, future tasks, possible risks, and recommendations.

Our clients

We worked and still work with top of the tier fortune 500 companies

Angstrom Leads the Way in AI and Data Science Solutions

Angstrom excels in AI and data science, revolutionizing industries with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

Transformative Impact of Computer Vision on Industries

Our AI team creates customized solutions for education and corporate training to maximize the benefits of AI technologies.

Automated checkout

In-store navigation

Visual search

Theft prevention

Personalized product recommendations

Visual inventory inspections

Counterfeit detection

Facial authentication of patients

Medical image analysis

Telemedicine systems

Supervision of patients’ exercise routines

Wearable assistance for visually impaired

Emotion recognition

Online proctoring

Attendance monitoring

Player/ball tracking and analysis


In-depth data analytics

Automated product counting

In-store Defect detection and classification navigation

Machine perception in palletizing robots

Predictive maintenance

Why utilize Angstrom's computer vision services

Cross-industry experience

We deliver tailored computer vision services to various industries for over 10 years.

Broad expertise

Industry leaders trust us to turn their vision into successful computer vision solutions.

Tech agnostic

Excellence, not mediocrity. Appropriate tech selected for tasks. Regulatory compliance a priority.


Our R&D lab experiments with cutting-edge technology to proactively address challenges.

Customized Big Data Analytics Solutions for Your Business

We provide expert support for unique data challenges and build comprehensive analytics solutions from scratch, including data collection, ingestion, cleaning, and analysis.

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Analyzing and forecasting customer behavior

Upsell and cross-sell strategically

Utilize clickstream and CRM data to optimize upselling and cross-selling strategies, driving increased revenue per customer.

Build recommendation engines

We utilize your sales data to develop advanced recommendation models that seamlessly integrate into your ecommerce technology stack.

Reduce customer churn

Our big data predictive analytics solutions help identify which customers are likely to churn and what incentives would keep them from doing so.

Optimizing operations for maximum efficiency

Accelerate routine decision-making

Automate routine decisions with plug-and-play data analytics solutions, enabling employees to focus on value-added activities.

Adjust prices for locations and segments

By combining analysis of your sales and pricing data with historical and current market trends, we can calculate optimal pricing models that drive increased sales.

Minimize asset downtime

Our predictive maintenance solutions help determine the most efficient repair schedule to minimize downtime and address technical issues before they occur.

Making smarter financial choices

Detect credit and fraud risks

Our financial decision-making automation allows for quick credit score evaluations for customers requesting payment plans, and instantly alerts of potential fraud risks.

Streamline your supply chain

Our analysis allows you to evaluate the performance of all your suppliers, identify bottlenecks, and identify vendors with uncompetitive pricing.

Make smarter purchasing decisions

Our monitoring solution allows you to track the life cycle and performance of any equipment you purchase or lease, enabling you to accurately calculate which products provide the best return on investment.

Customized Big Data Analytics Solutions for Your Business

We provide expert support for unique data challenges and build comprehensive analytics solutions from scratch, including data collection, ingestion, cleaning, and analysis.

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Uncovering data opportunities and capabilities

Optimize performance, improve decisions, and grow revenue with our customized data analytics solutions.

Building Your Data Ecosystem

We design and implement data infrastructure, analytics, and applications for optimal data utilization, including IoT device integration.

Creating Data Models

We tailor data models to align with your industry for accurate insights, from forecasting to advanced machine learning.

Empower Self-Service Analytics

Our data solutions empower non-technical users to explore and generate reports with user-friendly dashboards and reliable data governance.

Empower Your Team with Data-Driven Decision Making

We help you integrate and adopt new analytical capabilities into your business processes.

Outstanding results with data analytics services

The possibilities for utilizing your data are virtually endless. The examples listed below are just a small sample of what can be achieved.

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Uncovering data opportunities and capabilities

Optimizing Performance, Improving Decision-Making and Growing Revenue through Data Analytics - Our Team Helps Identify Opportunities and Create a Customized Plan

Building Your Data Ecosystem

Designing & implementing infrastructure, applications, and analytics to unlock data's potential, using on-premise/cloud hosting, IoT devices, and more.

Creating Data Models

Tailored data models for industry-specific insights. Simple forecasting or advanced machine learning. Deep cross-industry expertise.

Empower Self-Service Analytics

Empower teams to explore data without technical expertise. User-friendly dashboards and robust data governance enable full data exploration.

Empower Your Team with Data-Driven Decision Making

Enable full adoption and integration of analytical capabilities by evolving business processes alongside technology implementation.